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What other industry besides healthcare still uses fax machines? While it’s alarming to think such outdated modes of communication are still being used to coordinate something as critical as patient care, 90% of providers still use fax and 88% still rely on phone calls to schedule appointments.

It’s these types of manual processes that create friction — the type of friction that results in cumbersome financial clearance workflows and scheduling delays. For health systems, these slow, unreliable processes frustrate referring providers, leading to significant network leakage and lost revenue.

Fax Machine

Moreover, all that friction can have a negative impact on patient experiences. Even when the clinical experience is positive, if the scheduling and revenue cycle processes are disjointed and frustrating, that's what patients remember, share with their friends, and post online. More than 50% of consumers said a bad digital experience ruins the entire encounter with their provider, according to a recent study.

There is a better way.

In partnership with R1, leading health systems are optimizing the revenue cycle to remove the friction from those critical patient-facing touchpoints. A smoother end-to-end revenue cycle experience leads to improved patient satisfaction, stronger relationships with referring providers and sustainable financial performance.

Happy Patient

Better consumer experience.

Making healthcare simpler, especially by removing friction for patients, is paramount to R1’s mission. Our intelligent patient access solution, R1 Entri™, blends scheduling, clearance, intake and payment to ensure patient interactions start strong and develop into lasting relationships.


Happy Provider

Higher provider loyalty.

Providers also experience friction as they coordinate care for their patients. By making revenue cycle processes, such as prior authorizations, simpler for both employed and independent providers, health systems improve loyalty and become the referral destination of choice in their market.


Strong outcomes


With healthcare administrative complexity accounting for $372 billion in waste, R1 leverages its domain expertise, proven processes and end-to-end technology platform to reduce friction from every step in the patient journey, resulting in sustainable financial gains for customers.


The results will amaze you.



Up to

reduction in cost to collect



Up to

increase in NPR



Up to

increase in patient satisfaction

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