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R1 RCMJuly 30, 2018

HFMA: Healthcare Finance Industry Names Leading Innovators

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Providing an indication of where the healthcare finance industry is headed, stakeholders recently selected a patient revenue cycle system and a telemonitoring company as leading innovators.


The technology and company, respectively, were voted innovation winners by paid attendees at HFMA’s Annual Conference in June. Voters chose among selected companies and products at the meeting’s new Innovation Hub. The candidates included 12 start-ups and seven new products that were selected from HFMA's first Virtual Pitch Contest. Products showcased were geared toward reducing the cost of care delivery, enhancing the healthcare consumer experience, and improving population health management through analytics.


The Patient Experience solution, produced by R1 RCM Inc., was voted the Innovative New Product. R1’s solution was developed based on company research that found patients’ views of optimal financial interactions frequently are formed by their experiences with airlines, which allow them to check in for flights through kiosks and use in-app boarding passes. It improves patient satisfaction by easing the preregistration process and allowing consumers to submit personal insurance information and make payments online from a mobile device or an in-office kiosk or tablet.


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