HFM: Revenue Cycle Staff Shortages Push Leaders to Adapt Quickly

Lisa EramoMarch 8, 2022

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The pandemic-driven workforce shortage is leading to significant changes in revenue cycle management operations at many hospitals and health systems.


Changes include the greater use of remote workers, soaring wage costs, implementation of sign-on bonuses, the outsourcing of jobs and greater use of automation, all of which may remain after the pandemic ends.

Spectrum Health, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is finding that it’s taking longer to fill all revenue cycle management (RCM) positions. 


“We’re not getting the volume of candidates we used to, either because of the ‘Great Resignation’ or because there are a lot of other options” for job candidates, said Amy N. Assenmacher, FHFMA, MSN, MBA, Spectrum’s senior vice president of revenue cycle. “There are so many virtual positions out there. You have a lot more choices now than you did before the pandemic hit.”


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Author Bio: Lisa Eramo, MA, is a healthcare reporter based in New England and a regular contributor to hfm magazine.