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Joe PolarisMarch 13, 2020

Joe Polaris Talks M&A Risk and Benefits, Achieving Consumerism Goals

Hospital M&A activities have been trending up in recent years, and with the promised economies of scale it seems like an attractive option. However, according to Joe Polaris, Senior Vice President of Product Technology at R1, achieving the desired benefits of consolidation can be difficult.  Joe recently recorded a podcast with HFMA that addresses best practices for creating M&A strategies that help organizations reach their financial goals. Jump to 9:27 to hear his thoughts on why health systems aren’t achieving the expected financial benefits of their combinations.


To hear Joe’s thoughts on how to utilize your revenue cycle to address growing demands from patients who want their healthcare experience to be more like that of almost every other industry, jump to 13:04 in the podcast.


This podcast episode also covers the latest from Washington on the coronavirus and an interview with Lisa Woods, Walmart’s senior director of U.S. benefits about the company’s plan to test curated physician networks.


Click here to listen to Joe Polaris’s full podcast episode with HFMA.


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Click here to access the extended transcript from Joe's conversation with HFMA. This includes content that was both cut and covered during the podcast episode.