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Rod NichollsMarch 20, 2020

Putting the Patient First: HealthLeaders Covers Top Five Actions to Prioritize Patient Experience

Now more than ever in healthcare, the focus is on the patient—and what they need from providers and payers in order to have the ideal patient experience.  As we embark on a new decade, it’s exciting to see organizations showing signs of being more open to investing in revenue cycle technology that gives patients the financial experience they want—from digital self-service platforms that streamline the check-in process to cost estimators that help patients understand their financial obligations.


A new article from HealthLeaders echoes this sentiment and explains why progressive revenue cycle leaders are taking a different approach when it comes to achieving a positive patient experience. They can no longer get by using the same established processes and disjointed solutions to run their revenue cycle. Leaders must consider the patient’s perspective when evaluating effectiveness and determining how to make improvements to their current revenue cycle processes.  A quote from the article that really captured that sentiment was, “As we move into a new decade, let’s resolve to take a different approach, one that embraces the spirit of optimism, reinvention, and new ways of thinking.”


This need to meet consumer demands head on will only continue to increase throughout the next decade. The HealthLeaders article does a great job of outlining the top five actions that will help healthcare organizations be successful in the upcoming decade, including:


  1. Giving patients more control
  2. Straightening up the front end
  3. Customizing patient encounters
  4. Prioritizing an expert staff
  5. Being the patient


We fully agree with these action steps and are inspired to see so many revenue cycle leaders prioritizing the patient experience, after years of maintaining the status quo. By creating a new, patient-centric revenue cycle, healthcare organizations will position themselves to be more competitive and build market share in the upcoming decade.


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