ACPA Newsletter: Cancelled Surgery – Change the Status?

Dr. Ronald HirschFebruary 9, 2022

The flip flop by CMS on the Inpatient Only List (IOL) has left many with their head spinning, and with good reason. First they remove 298 surgeries from the list, including many where patients always stay over two midnights, leading to education sessions and program redesigns to get status correct. Then CMS says “never mind” and puts most of ...

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Group Practice Journal: Work Smarter Not Harder - Emerging from the Pandemic Positioned for Growth and Stability

Vijay KotteSeptember 1, 2021

Rebounding from the extreme financial strains of COVID-19 requires a hard look at your revenue cycle and how it is maintained: Where are the opportunities to improve patients’ experiences and address their demands to “go contactless”? How can your revenue cycle and front-office teams work efficiently? Are you maximizing every revenue ...

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Boosting Consumer Acquisition and Engagement with a Digital Front Door

Donham PrescottJune 30, 2021

As we emerge from the pandemic, healthcare marketing and communications teams that had quickly shifted gears away from promotional efforts during the crisis to providing education and maintaining engagement are now moving forward to further build trust and loyalty with constituents. Now more ...

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