LifePoint SVP Jason Ross Discusses Value of Rev Cycle Partnerships

Brian ZimmermanJune 3, 2021

Amid what may be healthcare’s toughest era, financial leadership currently faces the daunting task of increasing revenue while simultaneously containing costs. At the recent Becker's Hospital Review 11th Annual Meeting, Jason Ross, senior vice president of revenue and network management for LifePoint Health – a ...

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Increasing Revenue Through Payer Contract Management

R1 RCMNovember 12, 2020

Financial recovery isn’t just an uphill battle for today’s physician practice – it’s a mountainous one of Kilimanjaro proportions. Most practices are making up for a substantial decrease in revenue that resulted from a

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Three Best Practices to Improve Reimbursement Via Coding

Yvonne RussellNovember 6, 2020

2020 is beginning to wind down, but COVID-19’s financial impact on physician practices isn’t. As The Washington Post recently stated, “many of the doctors…who form the backbone of front-line ...

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Joe Polaris on M&A Risk and Benefits, Consumerism Goals

Joe PolarisMarch 13, 2020

Hospital M&A activities have been trending up in recent years, and with the promised economies of scale it seems like an attractive option. However, according to Joe Polaris, Senior Vice President of Product Technology at R1, achieving the desired benefits of consolidation can be difficult.  Joe recently ...

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How Physician Practices Can Decrease Patient No Shows

Richard Lopez del RinconFebruary 20, 2020

Patients who do not show up for scheduled appointments disrupt practice flow by taking dedicated time slots away from other patients and negatively impact the productivity of both the provider and staff. Practices often waive ‘no shows’ as a normal part of business but when translated to a bottom-line impact, ...

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Creating a Physician Practice Quality Improvement Team

Lynn Guerrant BSN, MSJanuary 31, 2020

Quality and value seem to be two of the most elusive words in health care today. The debate over how to define, measure, and achieve quality and value, stretches from shore to shore, across all specialties and to the top reaches of our government. While definitions and rules change with startling rapidity, one ...

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How to Perform a Physician Practice Assessment

R1 RCMApril 13, 2019

Is it time for a checkup? Whether your practice is healthy or in operational pain, a physician practice assessment can uncover the underlying problems that are holding your practice back. Long before “big data” and “analytics” were buzz words in the healthcare industry, physician practices have been using ...

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Five Ways to Build a Successful Physician Referral Network

Maren KiemenDecember 28, 2018

Physicians often rely on referrals for new patient flow through their practice. Unfortunately, most doctors network incorrectly, inconsistently and ineffectively. Having a consistent effort toward building and maintaining a healthy referral network could be the key to resolving these problems and, in turn, ...

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Recognizing the Importance of Innovation in Medical Coding

R1 RCMNovember 8, 2018

A significant portion of operational impact, support and overall compliance in healthcare services starts with coding. Medical coding helps the healthcare industry transform diagnoses, physician’s notes, and various medical services into a common language that ensures both the patient, provider and payers receive ...

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RevCycleIntelligence: End-to-end RCM Key to Success at Ascension

R1 RCMSeptember 25, 2018

Nearly 69 percent of hospitals and health systems use more than one vendor solution for revenue cycle management, according to a recent HIMSS Analytics and Dimensional Insight 

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