How to Perform a Physician Practice Assessment

R1 RCMApril 13, 2019

Is it time for a checkup? Whether your practice is healthy or in operational pain, a physician practice assessment can uncover the underlying problems that are holding your practice back. Long before “big data” and “analytics” were buzz words in the healthcare industry, physician practices have been using comparative metrics to evaluate ...

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Five Ways to Build a Successful Physician Referral Network

Maren KiemenDecember 28, 2018

Physicians often rely on referrals for new patient flow through their practice. Unfortunately, most doctors network incorrectly, inconsistently and ineffectively. Having a consistent effort toward building and maintaining a healthy referral network could be the key to resolving these problems and, in turn, ensuring a practice’s success.

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Recognizing the Importance of Innovation in Medical Coding

R1 RCMNovember 8, 2018

A significant portion of operational impact, support and overall compliance in healthcare services starts with coding. Medical coding helps the healthcare industry transform diagnoses, physician’s notes, and various medical services into a common language that ensures both the patient, provider and payers receive the best end-to-end ...

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RevCycleIntelligence: End-to-end RCM Key to Success at Ascension

R1 RCMSeptember 25, 2018

Nearly 69 percent of hospitals and health systems use more than one vendor solution for revenue cycle management, according to a recent HIMSS Analytics and Dimensional Insight survey. This combination of ...

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Profile: Bringing Ethics to the Forefront

R1 RCMSeptember 18, 2017

Corey Perman admits that for every company, there might be a different name for what he does. Compliance, corporate responsibility, and corporate integrity all denote key aspects of his position as executive vice president, compliance and risk at Chicago-based R1 RCM, which provides revenue cycle management services and ...

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