Don't Reinvent the Wheel: How a Revenue Integrity Strategy Drives Financial Performance

Nicole ShinglerJune 8, 2021

If 2020 was a year of financial crisis, then 2021 is shaping up to be the year of financial resilience – and healthcare providers are nothing if not resilient. After last year’s estimated $323 billion financial loss, bouncing back is no small endeavor for hospitals. The winter COVID-19 surge has caused expenses ...

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LifePoint SVP Jason Ross Discusses Value of Rev Cycle Partnerships

Brian ZimmermanJune 3, 2021

Amid what may be healthcare’s toughest era, financial leadership currently faces the daunting task of increasing revenue while simultaneously containing costs. At the recent Becker's Hospital Review 11th Annual Meeting, Jason Ross, senior vice president of revenue and network management for LifePoint Health – a ...

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Five Ways to Increase Patient Volume & Grow Your Medical Practice

Michael UlandayMay 19, 2021

With more Americans becoming vaccinated and some COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, medical practices are in a better position to get back to their “normal” day-to-day operations. After a challenging 2020 –

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Automating Prior Authorizations Enhances the Patient Experience

Alyson BelzMay 17, 2021

While some progress has been made in the past year, insurance prior authorizations are still largely a manual process. According to the 2020 Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) ...

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How Emergency Physician Groups Can Endure Balance Billing Restrictions

Kathryn BeardMay 11, 2021

While the price transparency law is helping patients better anticipate and manage healthcare costs, there are still situations where they can receive unexpected bills – especially when making a ...

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Digital Orders Speed Up the Rev Cycle and Boost Patient Engagement

Shawn DennisApril 22, 2021

“Cutting waste while preserving critically important treatment is the holy grail of healthcare policy,” according to a recent New York Times article. Healthcare waste has been ...

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A Strategy to Eliminate Fixed Costs From the Hospital Revenue Cycle

Peter A. HallApril 21, 2021

Just days into 2021, industry leaders such as KaufmanHall began projecting that hospitals and health systems were in for another tumultuous financial ...

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Why Healthcare Organizations are Prioritizing Digital Marketplaces

Joel FrenchMarch 10, 2021

“Platforms are eating the world,” asserts Alex Moazed in his book, Modern Monopolies. What was a radical disruption a few years ago is now the accepted ecommerce business model most understand through examples like Amazon and eBay. We now understand how Amazon changed consumer expectations for shopping ...

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Getting the Greatest ROI from Revenue Cycle Automation

Philip MilsomMarch 10, 2021

A year after operating margins dipped into negative numbers and YOY revenues decreased as much as

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3 Ways Revenue Cycle Partnerships Produce Financial Sustainability

Richard Lopez del RinconFebruary 23, 2021

This post is part two of a two-part blog.


There is no doubt that many practices are in a strenuous financial period. Organizations need to quickly identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase profitability, which is making them seriously consider

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