How Your Independent Practice Can Better Negotiate with Payers

Brooks BabcockJanuary 31, 2020

Actively negotiating with payers is an important aspect of both practice management and revenue cycle management activities for independent medical practices. Although the impact can be significant, most providers have had little to no experience doing so or have not seen much success in past negotiations, partly due to a lack of ...

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Physicians Practice: Six Ways to Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Brian BellamyJuly 22, 2019

Understanding a practice’s payer mix is crucial when evaluating where your practice stands today — especially given the fact that reimbursement methodologies can significantly differ by payer. It is not uncommon for managed care organizations to blend several fee sources, effectively creating fee schedules that vary in rates for the same CPT ...

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The Importance of Understanding Your Practice’s Payer Mix

R1 RCMOctober 20, 2016

Do you know what percentage of your practice’s patients are self-pay? How many of your patients have private insurance? And of those who have private insurance, do you know what percentage of that group has a high-deductible plan? If you know who your largest payers are, are you in tune with news about their coverage and reimbursement ...

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