Chief Healthcare Executive: Why More Price Transparency Is Needed

Joe PolarisNovember 3, 2021

Joe Polaris, senior vice president of product and technology at R1 RCM, recently recorded an episode of the Healthy Bottom Line podcast with Chief Healthcare Executive where he discusses how price transparency can increase hospital revenue and address patient concerns regarding exorbitant healthcare ...

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HIT Consultant: Improving Patient Experience Amid The No Surprises Act

Ogi KwonSeptember 10, 2021

With the No Surprises Act taking effect in less than four months, it is critical that hospitals and providers leverage technology to ensure patients are informed about their expected care costs prior to receiving services. Despite industry improvements in the last several years, there remains a pressing need for ...

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HealthLeaders: Ascension's Seamless Consumer Financial Journey

Alexandra Wilson PecciAugust 24, 2021

"Wow! A lot easier than I thought, because I thought I was going to need someone to help me. But I didn't."

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How Emergency Physician Groups Can Endure Balance Billing Restrictions

Kathryn BeardMay 11, 2021

While the price transparency law is helping patients better anticipate and manage healthcare costs, there are still situations where they can receive unexpected bills – especially when making a ...

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HIT Consultant: Why a Digital Front Door is Critical to the Rev Cycle

Joel FrenchApril 29, 2021

The COVID-19 crisis has upended many of our traditional business procedures and processes. However, because digital transformations were well underway before the pandemic, the shift to remote work and contactless consumer self-service was swift. In healthcare, digital strategies that were expected to take 10 ...

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Chief Healthcare Executive: CMS' Price Transparency Rule

Ogi KwonApril 22, 2021

The new federal price transparency law took effect January 1, 2021, yet many hospitals – still focused on financial recovery in COVID-19’s wake – were not prepared to become fully compliant by this date.  In this Chief Healthcare Executive video interview, Ogi Kwon – Manager, Advisory & ...

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HealthLeaders: Price Transparency is Here, Actions to Take

Alexandra Wilson PecciFebruary 15, 2021

The CMS price transparency mandate is in effect at long last, after a yearlong delay, court challenges, worries over confused patients, concerns about disclosing proprietary data, and COVID-19-related setbacks.

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HFMA: The Benefits of Going Beyond Price Transparency Compliance

Ogi KwonDecember 17, 2020

The price transparency deadline is right around the corner, but the story doesn't end come January 1. Compliance with the price transparency rule is a big task for hospitals, and there's a big difference between compliance and maintaining good patient financial communication.


Ogi Kwon, ...

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Physicians Practice: Preparing for Price Transparency

Ogi Kwon & Kathryn BeardDecember 16, 2020

The most successful physician groups anticipate trends and incorporate necessary changes into their practice culture. From protecting patient data to ensuring compliant billing, practices that understand regulatory requirements and proactively create an environment that fosters compliance enjoy greater ...

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