A Better Digital Consumer Healthcare Experience: 5 Strategies

R1 RCMSeptember 30, 2020

For too long, patients’ healthcare experiences have been extremely confusing and disjointed. Consider this example – a patient visits a doctor for knee pain and receives a referral for an MRI at the hospital. The patient then makes multiple phone calls and waits on hold to get the MRI scheduled, only to be informed that they must wait a few ...

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Remote Registration Ensures Safety During COVID-19

Tom LytleJune 8, 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, frontline patient registrars have provided critical assistance by scheduling and coordinating care for thousands of hospital patients.  While these roles are in high demand, they also require employees to work in high-risk environments—given the frequent face-to-face patient interactions and necessary ...

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MedCity News: R1 RCM Pays $190M for Scheduling Software Firm

Joel BergJanuary 17, 2020

Patient scheduling is increasingly seen as a key part of revenue cycle management. It also can help create a more welcoming "digital front door" that improves access to care and the overall patient experience.

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Self-Registration: Patients Benefit From More Control, Speedier Care

Hospital Access ManagementNovember 21, 2019

If a department had all the available “bells and whistles” vendors are offering for self-service options, patients could completely bypass registration altogether.

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Digitize Hospital Registration to Improve Patient Experience

Tom LytleOctober 16, 2019

Today’s healthcare providers know that exceptional clinical care and quality outcomes are not enough—patients expect more when it comes to their healthcare experiences. With patients increasingly bearing more of their healthcare costs, hospitals and health systems need to take steps to ensure that a patient’s financial experience meets or ...

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HIT Consultant: What Patients Want - Healthcare Financial Experience

Joe PolarisJune 5, 2019

In most healthcare organizations, basic automation is used to complete individual revenue cycle tasks. Seldom, however, is technology used to optimize entire revenue cycle management (RCM) processes and improve the patient financial experience.

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Health IT Outcomes: The Patient, the Clinicians, the Payer, and the Hospital Encounter

Dr. Ronald HirschMay 8, 2019

While efforts continue to be made to improve the quality and efficiency of care provided to patients in a hospital (this includes many of the qualifying payment programs being tested by governmental and private payers), the industry cannot overlook how patients view their financial obligations and how their financial situation impacts ...

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