Optima by R1

Optima by R1 provides decision support and data visualization software and services, enabling more informed strategic and operational planning while supporting real-time critical analysis and decisions. R1 RCM is a leading provider of technology-enabled services that solve performance challenges across health systems, physician practices and emergency medical services organizations.

What if your emergency medical services organization could improve response times while decreasing operational costs?

Optima Predict applies powerful, discrete event simulation to your agency's historical data, allowing you to determine optimal resource and facility locations, as well as understand the financial impact of operational decisions. Optima Predict also allows your agency to test an endless range of what-if scenarios with full transparency into the methodology applied.
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Optima Live offers a dynamic, real-time view of emergency resources to support dispatch in making critical decisions.

In conjunction with the CAD System, Optima Live keeps dispatchers abreast of resource statuses, locations and availability with impressive visual and statistical information available at a glance. Intricate day of the week and time of day sensitivities can be incorporated through business rules, while compliance codes and the Look Ahead feature provide invaluable insight.
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