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Burns & Anesthesia Concurrency

Documentation and coding essentials for treating burns while administering anesthesia concurrently

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Documentation and coding for anesthesia administered concurrently with burn treatment differs significantly from coding for other types of anesthesia services. When patients require anesthesia for burn excisions or debridement procedures, it’s vital that you understand and follow the proper coding regulations and sequences.  

In this webinar, R1’s panel of experts will walk you through everything you need to know about coding and documentation for burns and anesthesia concurrency. 


  • Site, severity, extent, and external cause codes for burns (ICD-10)
  • CPT and CMS documentation requirements 
  • Calculating extent of burn injury on total body surface area (TBSA)  
  • CPT anesthesia codes for burn excision/debridement – 01951, 01952, 01953 – and when to use each 
  • Coding sequencing for patients that suffer from burns in multiple anatomical locations



Yvonne Russell, Director, Quality Assurance, R1 Physician Advisory Services   

Dan Pope, General Manager & SVP, R1 Hospital-Based Physician Solutions   



Aaron Cessna, DO, VP, Quality and Account Management, R1 Physician Advisory Services   

Mary Patricia Durbin, R1 Coding Education Manager 


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