The Future of Good Faith Estimates Under the No Surprises Act


Patients increasingly expect—and are entitled to—information about the costs of healthcare services. The Good Faith Estimate (GFE) requirements of the No Surprises Act are starting to be enforced and provider practices need to be prepared for patients requesting GFEs.  


GFEs differ from other price transparency initiatives in several important ways, most notably requiring providers to give advance notice of expected costs for scheduled services to certain patients. Understanding when a GFE is required, what information to include, and the compliance timeline is crucial for providers.  


In this webinar, our panel of experts will cover: 

  • An explanation of Good Faith Estimates under the No Surprises Act 
  • Current GFE requirements for uninsured and self-pay patients 
  • What to expect when GFEs expand to cover insured patients 
  • Operational considerations and best practices 



Amber Thomas, JD, Vice President, Head of Regulatory 


Expert Panel: 

Gia Byra, JD, Regulatory Senior Manager 

Kathryn Beard, JD, Regulatory Manager 

Connor McLarren, JD, Regulatory Manager 

Seema Imam, JD, Senior Regulatory Analyst 

Peter Luck, JD, CHC, Regulatory Analyst 

Victoria Mazur, JD, Regulatory Analyst 

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