Bootcamp for Physician Practices


What is your practice's long-term plan to fill the schedule, improve patient satisfaction and increase reimbursements? Let us show you how to identify the sticking points in your medical practice responsible for lost revenue and efficiency at the front desk and in the back office, all while supporting your regulatory compliance plans.

August 7: Patient Engagement

August 14: Coding Education August 21: Payor Contracting

Our three-week bootcamp is designed for physician group executives and practicing physicians to dive deep into key areas of missed opportunity for most practices - patient engagement, managed care contracts and effective coding strategy - and provide a game plan to address the lost efficiency and revenue.

Aug 7th

Three Patient Engagement Strategies to Grow Your Practice and Improve the Patient Experience

with Associates in Dermatology, Louisville KY

  • Effective appointment reminders and self-directed scheduling
  • Patient population outreach that optimizes your operations for the best outcomes
  • Strategic payment solutions that effectively collect self-pay revenue
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Meet the Presenters

Dan Pope Headshot R

Dan Pope

Senior Vice President, Operations at R1 RCM

Katherine McPherson Headshot Round

Katherine McPherson

Director, Client Success at R1 RCM

Al Appel Headshot Round

Al Appel

Chief Administrative Officer at Associates in Dermatology


Aug 14th

Why High-Specificity Coding is Essential for Correct Reimbursement Under Future Payment Models

with Solid Rock Family Medicine, Morgantown NC

  • Why the way you code your patient today will affect your reimbursements in the future
  • How healthcare savings demonstrated in your coding is shared with your practice
  • Addressing reporting care gaps/demonstrating higher quality care with high-specificity coding
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Meet the Presenters

Yvonne Russell Headshot R

Yvonne Russell

Director, Coding and Auditing at R1 RCM

Barbara Deaton Headshot Round

Barbara Deaton

FNP at Solid Rock Family Medicine


Aug 21st

How to Improve Revenue and Operations through Monitoring and Renegotiating of Your Managed Care Contracts

  • Why the autopilot approach to managed care contracting leads to missed opportunity
  • Parts of a managed care contract that matter
  • Upcoming changes to managed care contracts and new legislation to be aware of when renegotiating with payors
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Meet the Presenter

Brian Bellamy Round

Brian Bellamy

Vice President, Payer Contracting at R1 RCM