Generating Good Faith Estimates to Avoid the Unexpected


Beginning January 1, 2022, plans and providers are prohibited from billing patients more than in-network cost-sharing amounts in certain circumstances. For patients without health insurance, providers will need to notify the patient in advance for the expected costs for scheduled services.


The Good Faith Estimate for Uninsured Patients entitles consumers to an estimate of expected charges to support transparency and financial expectation. While this process seems straightforward enough, quickly producing this type of information on a consistent and compliant basis is going to be a challenge for most providers.


In this webinar, our panel will cover:

  • What is required to generate a Good Faith Estimate
  • What scheduling physicians and other providers can produce these Good Faith Estimates
  • Key action items that should be taken to prepare for this new process



Amber Thomas JD, Vice President of Advisory & Assurance, R1 



Kathryn Beard, Manager, Advisory & Assurance – Regulatory

Gia Byra, Regulatory Compliance Manager

Seema Imam, Compliance Specialist

Ogi Kwon, Manager Compliance

Peter Luck, Compliance Analyst

Lucy Zipple, Senior Director, Client Services


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