Three Patient Engagement Strategies to Grow Your Practice and Improve the Patient Experience

45-Minute Bootcamp Session for Physician Groups and Medical Practices

You don't need to be a cutting edge tech start up to improve patient engagement and investment in patient experience is one of the most powerful tools a provider has to show value and improve outcomes, no matter your specialty!  In this webinar our panel of experts discuss three strategies you can do today to improve patient experience, maximize patient scheduling and increased patient collections.

Download the webinar, to hear Al Appel, Chief Administrative Officer at Associates in Dermatology, walk through actionable patient engagement strategies that allowed his practice to double in size within a year of implementation.

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  • Effective appointment reminders and self-directed scheduling
  • Patient population outreach that optimizes your operations for the best outcomes
  • Strategic payment solutions that effectively collect self-pay revenue
  • Patient survey strategies that produce actionable feedback



Dan Pope Headshot R

Dan Pope

Senior Vice President, Operations at R1 RCM

Katherine McPherson Headshot Round

Kate McPherson

Director, Client Success at R1 RCM

Al Appel Headshot Round

Al Appel

Chief Administrative Officer at Associates in Dermatology