Sentara Patients Flock to the New Digital Bill Pay Experience

Watch on demand to learn how Sentara drove high patient adoption and an immediate lift in patient payments with R1 Entri Pay

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Watch this webinar to hear insights from Sentara Healthcare for combining an intuitive patient financial engagement solution, known to patients as Sentara Bill Pay, with proven methods to accelerate adoption.  


Sentara partnered with R1 to roll out Entri Pay. Enrollment grew quickly from 66,000 patients after 60 days to 100,000 patients a month later. Further, total digital payments increased by 11% in just two months as patients embraced the personalized financial engagement experience. And patients left rave reviews, resulting in high Net Promoter Scores


Watch now for lessons learned from Sentara leaders as they share best practices for engaging patients with an intuitive, personalized payment experience that increases net promoter scores and builds loyalty. They outline how to employ a proven consumer outreach playbook that drives high patient adoption rates, including the use of a single-sign-on experience via an EMR patient portal. Finally, you'll hear how to increase patient yield with flexible payment options and personalized payment plans.  



StephanieStephanie Schnittger, Vice President of Corporate Finance, Sentara  


Lee Gwaltney, Director, Digital Experience, Sentara


shannonShannon Hunnicutt, Director of Call Center Operations, Sentara


Will Reilly (moderator),Vice President of Marketing, R1 RCM


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