R1 Webinar Series

Three Steps to Optimize RCM Results

July 15th, 12PM CST

Presented by a panel of R1 revenue cycle experts

Most physician practices have revenue cycle management practices in place. But are they truly optimized for best performance? How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed RCM processes and best practices?

A physicians’ primary focus is on patient care. But, leaving back-office administrative duties unattended can have negative bottom-line consequences.  In this session, we will review elements that are critical for optimized RCM and will present real world examples from Raleigh Durham Medical Group, CapeFear Medical and OnePediatrics, to discover three ways to improve your practice’s financial performance.


  • Brian Bellamy, Vice President of Payer Contacting

  • Lynn Guerrant, Director of Quality Compliance

  • Yvonne Russell, Director of Auditing Services

  • Moderating: Richard Lopez del Rincon, Senior Vice President

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