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Getting Paid for All You Do: Coding Best Practices for Optimizing Reimbursement

The medical coding landscape can be a challenge to navigate as healthcare codes can change annually as many as 1,000 times across all specialties.

Coding knowledge gaps can have significant consequences on a practice's bottom line, in some cases even threatening the financial health of the healthcare group itself. 

With practices operating with razor-thin margins, you need to do everything you can to ensure your coding initiatives are precise.  You simply must have the expertise to select codes to the highest level of specificity, or you risk not capturing the revenues you're due.

Download our white paper to learn how to eliminate under-coding and under-reporting, increase coding specificity, reduce coding costs and ensure your organization is properly reimbursed for the services it provides. 


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In this white paper, you will gain insight into:

  • The Need For Coding Education and Training Strategies

    It's important to stay abreast of constantly changing coding requirements. Timely awareness of coding changes can pay great dividends in terms of payments received. Read about strategies to help physicians with limited time and resources manage the changing coding environment while still focusing on patient care.

  • Expert Insight Into Recent Coding Changes

    New legislation accelerates the need for coding expertise. CMS is constantly making significant changes to coding and documentation requirements. Get expert insight into add-on codes and other updates designed to better capture the resource costs of patients who require complex care.

  • Best Practices to Help Overcome Coding Complexity

    In today's value-based world, it is essential to properly code chronic conditions and report on them annually to ensure both quality of care and maximum reimbursements. Learn about best practices to document and code to the highest level of specificity in every specialty, for every contact, with every patient.