White Paper

Intelligent Automation in Healthcare

Why an aligned revenue cycle partnership and a symbiotic automation model are essential to enhanced financial performance and outcomes.

Finding major cost savings and revenue cycle enhancements has never been more important in healthcare. Many providers are utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) to reduce cost and enrich the overall patient experience.

While this push to adopt technology is exciting, many providers may be taking a misguided approach – focusing on short term wins instead of long-term solutions. Some are investing without first establishing an automation strategy, others have vendors or consultants convincing them off-the-shelf RPA solutions will solve operational challenges and many are going it alone and trying to develop expensive automation in-house.

Working with a revenue cycle partner, like R1, that has already invested millions of dollars into digital capabilities is the clearest path to enabling widespread efficiency and maximizing your resources to achieve ROI.


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In this white paper, you will gain insight into:

  • What a successful intelligent automation ecosystem looks like and how it should be applied to revenue cycle processes.

  • Common misconceptions that prevent full realization of anticipated value.

  • Capabilities to look for when selecting a revenue cycle partner and how to achieve sustainable ROI through intelligent automation.