Developing the Optimal Quality Strategy

Achieving the highest level of quality while managing costs has never been so critical - or challenging. In this environment of administrative complexity, shifting regulatory requirements, and value-based contracting, what steps can healthcare leaders take to ensure they meet quality demands?

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In this whitepaper, readers will gain insight into strategies and trends, including: 

Better Understand Value-Based Quality Mandates

A major challenge with Value-Based Reimbursements is the extensiveness: the sheer number of outcomes on which organizations can measure and report is in the hundreds. Read the whitepaper to establish a strategy to prove quality standards. 

Develop the Optimal Quality Program

With extensive, continuously evolving requirements for VBR, many practices believe they lack the resources to implement an effective quality program to manage ongoing standards and meet submission requirements. Learn what steps can help lay the groundwork when designing the ideal quality program. 

Improve Quality and ROI Through Measurable Results

New legislation regarding out-of-network billing threatens to potentially reduce reimbursement rates and leave smaller practices especially vulnerable to contract structure that may threaten their bottom line. Learn what physicians can do to counter this legislation and increase revenue when renegotiating payer contracts.