You Can Restructure Payer Contracts to Increase Revenue

For many physicians, it's easy to get caught in the mindset that there's nothing you can do to increase revenue from payer contracting. However, it is more than possible for practices - regardless of internal resources - to restructure payer contracts and achieve a higher fee schedule - if they know how. 

Download our whitepaper to learn best practices and strategies to help identify opportunities to increase revenue and restructure payer contracts to your practice's advantages. 

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In this whitepaper, readers will gain insight into strategies and trends, including: 

Identify Contract Opportunities to Increase Revenue

What can physician do to better manage the complex regulatory and managed care landscape? Learn how to turn threats to reimbursement into opportunities for your practice when restructuring your contract with payers. 

Steps to Successfully Restructure Payer Contracts

Many practices believe they lack the internal staff and resources to work with payers. However, there are key steps that practices of any size can take to better understand their business, manager negotiations with payers, and put together a payer contract adventitious to their practice. 

Key Trends and Threats Impacting Contract Structure

New legislation regarding out-of-network billing threatens to potentially reduce reimbursement rates and leave smaller practices especially vulnerable to contract structure that may threaten their bottom line. Learn what physicians can do to counter this legislation and increase revenue when renegotiating payer contracts.