Strategies to Optimize Your Telehealth Program

Telehealth now has a major role in healthcare delivery due to COVID-19. Nearly 2/3 of Americans say the pandemic has increased their willingness to try virtual care and 3/4 would consider using it for a remote COVID-19 screening.

During the coronavirus pandemic, physician practices can give their patients much-needed access to care via telehealth – while also increasing patient volume and revenue. And in the new post-COVID reality, many patients may prefer to use telehealth. However, many practices aren’t familiar with best practices for telehealth, which can lead to bottlenecks, workarounds and decreased revenue.


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In this E-Book, you’ll learn strategies to increase success with telehealth including:

  • Patient Outreach and Education

    How to manage expectations and acquaint them with the telehealth approach

  • Clinical Training

    How to prepare physicians and ensure they have the right communication skills for telehealth

  • Patient Experience Strategy

    How to ensure the telehealth process is positive and seamless for every patient