R1 Entri® Pay

A payment solution built with patients and providers in mind

Our patient payment solution combines advanced technology with compassionate customer service to help decrease cost to collect, increase patient revenue and improve patient satisfaction.


Where compassionate servicing meets top-tier technology

Discover the only patient payment solution on the market that integrates compassionate services at scale with data-driven technology.

  • Market-leading, digital-first patient financial engagement technology
  • Globally scalable, compassionate managed services
  • Unmatched expertise in consumer finance and servicing, powered by a human-centered design
  • Aligned incentives for optimal technology and service utilization
  • Ongoing performance management and technology powered by advanced analytics and automation

Technology, services, or both? Customize for your needs.

Data-driven technology

Our convenient patient bill pay solution integrates with any EHR to provide personalized payment options, itemized statements, EOB details and a consolidated view so families know exactly what they owe and why.

Compassionate customer service

Our highly skilled agents have an average 85% first-call resolution rate and a less than 60 second speed to answer. Our customer resolution services offer global scale to provide better account resolution results, plus ongoing performance management to help improve patient satisfaction rates.

Align incentives with a partner who delivers for patients and health systems alike

R1 aligns with your financial incentives to deliver an unparalleled self-service platform and integrated services – all driven by sophisticated data analytics – to enable hospitals and health systems to overcome labor challenges, reduce operating costs and minimize bad debt while increasing patient revenue and loyalty. 

Digital self-service platform

Give patients convenient tools to manage everything on their own.

Inbound customer service

Greet patients with personalized payment options serviced by highly-trained agents.

Outbound account servicing

Maximize patient account resolution with micro-targeting and proven results.

Propensity-to-pay algorithms

Employ R1’s data and proprietary algorithm to offer personalized, customizable payment plans.

One-stop patient payments

Give patients a consolidated view and flexible options to manage accounts for their household.

Seamless EHR integration

Complement your patient-facing tools by integrating the payment experience.

Rapid patient onboarding

Employ a proven consumer outreach playbook and single sign-on to achieve fast, broad patient adoption.

Technology-enabled workflows

Enable RCM staff with technology that frees up time for more satisfying patient interactions.

How two key offerings are transforming patient payments

A successful patient engagement strategy requires effective implementation of patient account resolution tools and services that address the entire patient obligation pool. See why a “one-size-fits-all” approach to patient payments doesn’t work.


The half million Intermountain patients who have used R1 Entri Pay report high levels of satisfaction with the experience, which we anticipate will help maintain their loyalty.”

Retired EVP & Chief Financial Officer

Intermountain Healthcare

Our patients’ increased adoption of the Entri Pay platform—over 80%—made it clear that a full self-serviced, fully digital financial experience is a top priority.”

Don Halliwill

Carilion Clinic, Vice President and CEO

With R1 and the Entri solution, we are putting digital tools in the hands of consumers. It’s a seamless experience that’s going to mirror what they already have with other industries.”

Jason Wells

Adventist Health, Chief Strategy Officer

Ready to transform patient payments and account resolution?