Coding Management

Delivering on cost management and quality at scale

Coding for healthcare services is an increasingly complex discipline requiring ongoing attention to regulatory changes, patient care and clinical documentation. Our unique combination of talent, technology and proven expertise drives greater efficiency, provides better visibility and strengthens profitability. Let us help you safeguard your bottom line.


Operationalize coding improvements to accelerate cash flow

Get continuous improvement and demonstrated results with our combined coding services, education, quality measurement and analytics.

Holistic view of revenue cycle

Our approach to coding excellence combines both upstream coding with a real-time safety net to capture every charge.

Accountability framework

A governance structure leveraging defect-oriented analytics, standard tolerance thresholds and account ownership drives quick containment of issues and ensures DNFB stays on track. We take accountability for charts from code to claim.

Human capital management

Comprehensive screening and onboarding of candidates paired with thorough training and continuing education provide the foundation of an effective coding organization. Data-driven performance management and regular quality assurance delivers ongoing consistency in team member results.

Quality management

A four-stage quality and compliance program, including pre-bill audit, review by certified auditors, corporate compliance review in high-risk areas and external audits (as deemed necessary) minimizes risk related to coding and billing accuracy.

Skilled resources enable higher capacity

In an ultra-competitive labor market, we offer highly skilled coding expertise and resources that ensure accurate and timely coding.


In addition to finding and uncovering net revenue for our organization, R1 works closely with our clinical and corporate teams to educate and correct billing and coding practices on the front-end to mitigate downstream issues.”

Chief Financial Officer

Ascension, Gulf Coast Ministry

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