Insurance Discovery

Find hidden coverage and capture more revenue up front

Optimize revenue by correctly identifying all available insurance coverage and ensuring payment is received.


Identify more coverage that actually pays

R1 Insurance Discovery takes eligibility searches to a new level by reviewing the full spectrum of coverage across all potential payers and programs, including:

  • Searching for Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare coverage on your Self-pay, Medicaid COB, Medicare COB and Commercial COB accounts.
  • Secondary coverage including fee-for-service cash, DSH eligibility and Medicare/Medicaid dual-eligibility.

Say goodbye to leaving revenue behind

Not all insurance discovery solutions are created equal. Our comprehensive approach improves insurance discovery accuracy and streamlines billing for providers, maximizing revenue capture. 

Find the coverage that others miss

R1 Insurance Discovery features our intelligent search engine designed for optimal coverage by considering factors like region, payer mix and patient data inconsistencies.

Extend your staff with complimentary coverage loading and advanced technology

We combine revenue cycle expertise with our technology to boost true hit rates and decrease false positives. We offer complimentary coverage loading of relevant insurance discoveries to your systems, with automated postback coming soon.

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