Charge Capture

Recover revenue other solutions miss

Leveraging proprietary matching technology and rules-based algorithms, R1 Charge Capture is the only solution available today that links hospital and physician billing to identify missing charges other solutions can’t see.


Leave no earned revenue behind

Optimize your revenue cycle to find missing reimbursement due to inconsistencies in coding, charging and billing. R1 Charge Capture creates Revenue Intelligence™ to drive operational improvement and reimbursement results. Our highly skilled auditors put decades of industry experience into helping you recover every missed, miscoded or misaligned opportunity.

Get results thirty times faster

Identify revenue opportunities thirty times faster with our proprietary rules-based algorithms enabled by robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning.

Uncover every opportunity

Rest assured that our advanced technology and experienced auditors uncover every opportunity with our analysis of 100% of patient charges/visits across all care settings.

Rely on our expertise

You can trust our decades of experience and full-time professional auditors to ensure accuracy, compliance and operational improvement.

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