Transfer DRG

The first and best Transfer DRG solution

Recover more fee-for-service and Medicare Advantage revenue with our best-in-class combination of technology and expertise. Our platform mines the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) eligibility databases with pinpoint precision, exposing more revenue opportunities than our competitors can – up to 70% more.


Collect the money you’re owed

Find and recover revenue through our expert analysis of discharges against the Transfer DRG ruling where the hospital should have received full reimbursement. We bring the expertise you need with an elite team boasting decades of experience in post-acute care, Medicare and managed care billing, compliance and regulation.

Learn how our Transfer DRG solution helps optimize the back-end revenue cycle to enable patient financial services, revenue cycle and health information leaders recover more revenue.

Improve compliance and quality

Rely on comprehensive compliance checks and quality assurance performed by our multi-disciplined team with decades of experience.

Unburden your team

Allow us to do 100% of the work with a single pull of your data. You begin recovering revenue within 90 days.

Avoid overpayments

Avoid overpayments and audits with our comprehensive overpayment review. We can even handle your re-billing.

Keep improving and maximize results

Realize measurable improvements in accuracy, compliance and quality. There’s zero risk with our 100% contingency fee-based model.

You provide the data pull of all paid claims, grant direct data entry (DDE) access for our research and electronic medical record (EMR) access to review medical records.

We validate the data and run it through our proprietary rules and machine learning algorithms. Our expert team reviews the resulting worklists for additional recovery opportunities. Our initial review includes a four-year lookback.

We prepare and verify the pre-bill list with the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). We can perform the re-billing or follow-up weekly with your team to ensure re-billing is occurring. We monitor payments throughout the entire lifecycle within the Medicare system.

Robust reporting and root cause analysis equip you to better manage your workflow, team and ongoing education efforts. Plus, we provide custom education sessions from a former chief compliance officer.

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