Power financial performance and improve patient care


Drive revenue cycle results with transformative tech and next-level expertise

Scalable solutions to meet your revenue cycle needs throughout your journey

We’ll meet you where you are in your revenue cycle journey. Through unparalleled access to data, leading technology and global expertise, our flexible solutions transform your revenue cycle, power your business and empower your teams to deliver a better patient experience from start to finish.

Comprehensive solutions

Partner with us to drive savings and recover revenue across your business, with deep expertise that spans every stage of your revenue cycle.

Actionable insights

Gain actionable insights that help you optimize your revenue cycle with confidence, applying deep domain expertise and leading technology to make the most of data from across your organization.

Improved patient experiences

Deliver a better patient experience with solutions that eliminate financial friction and guarantee access and continuity, every step of the way.

A better operating model

Discover automated solutions backed by hands-on experience, with global support and leading technology to help you streamline your operations and scale your business with ease.

A platform that sets the standard for healthcare performance

Our intelligent technology platform redefines what is possible for the healthcare industry. With unparalleled access to data, leading technologies and advanced analytics – all built and backed by deep RCM experts – we help leading providers transform their approach to financial performance and patient care, today and tomorrow.


Help us invest in the future of healthcare

Our RCM solutions drive sustainable financial performance for today’s top healthcare providers, with an estimated $70 billion in acute care and physician revenue.