Put patients first and improve your bottom line

Discover R1’s intelligent patient experience solution that ensures patient and provider interactions start strong and develop into lasting relationships—all while improving operational efficiency, cutting costs and resolving more patient accounts.


Patient and provider-approved solutions across the entire care journey

R1 Entri blends scheduling, registration, clearance, intake and payment into one welcoming experience. Deliver great first impressions, smooth journeys across all care settings, high-efficiency workflows for operators and big patient retention rates.

Entri Book

Start the patient journey off on the right foot with unified orders, scheduling, clearance and pre-registration that’s easy to use and intuitive for staff.

Entri Arrive

Get simplified check-in and registration for patients and registrars to help increase the speed and accuracy of patient arrivals and billing processes.


Our digital-first patient experience solution simplifies the entire patient journey.


API-based interoperability complements EHRs and other key systems.


Hard-wired best practices enable sustained operational excellence.

Case Study: 51% reduction in auth-related reschedules

Learn how one organization turned around their struggles with the time-consuming process to obtain prior authorizations, resulting in accelerated scheduling, reduced denials and improved patient experiences.

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This is not an either/or. This is an and. We want to create a great consumer experience and improve our yield and cost to collect.”

Jennifer Stemmler

Adventist Health, Chief Digital Officer

Our goal was to give patients and family control and influence over their care. This led us to work with our partner, R1, to enhance and simplify our patient-facing experience.”

Jon Sohn

Ascension, Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer

With R1 and the Entri solution, we are putting digital tools in the hands of consumers. It’s a seamless experience that’s going to mirror what they already have with other industries.”

Jason Wells

Adventist Health, Chief Strategy Officer

The half million Intermountain patients who have used R1 Entri Pay report high levels of satisfaction with the experience, which we anticipate will help maintain their loyalty.”

Retired EVP & Chief Financial Officer

Intermountain Healthcare

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