Too often today, the health care experience for patients is confusing and inconvenient. Patients face difficulty scheduling appointments, completing registration paperwork, checking in for care and dealing with medical bills.

R1’s Patient Experience solution simplifies and reinvents the patient experience, while improving business outcomes.

With a combination of expertise and technology, we offer the ability for patients to pre-register from home, self check-in upon arrival and make online payments at all points of service. Financial counseling, call center capabilities and customer service manpower can help to educate and guide patients to understand their financial responsibility, explore payment or coverage options, and collect payment.

Our modern digital self-service platform allows patients to:

Manage their data in one easy-to-use environment, from appointment to appointment across the integrated health system.

Securely retain and access demographic, insurance, and other relevant information.

Easily log in from their own devices at home, or devices placed conveniently at the point of care.

Comprehensive, robust revenue cycle rules inform our solution to ensure:

Eligibility validation and insurance plan attribution

Demographic accuracy

Authorization & referral requirements identified well in advance of service

Medical necessity validation

Patient out-of-pocket cost estimation based on contract modeling software

Patient Experience Kiosk and Mobile


improvement in patient satisfaction scores

Up to
improvement in patient collections

30% reduction in
staff scheduling work


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