R1 Ranks #1 in KLAS for Ambulatory RCM Services for Fourth Straight Year 

February 27, 2024

R1 has once again earned top honors from KLAS for Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services (EHR-Agnostic category). Securing the Best in KLAS award for the fourth consecutive year underscores R1’s commitment to delivering exceptional ambulatory RCM services.   

At R1, we take great pride in establishing true partnerships that generate extraordinary value for our clients. One of the most rewarding aspects of this award win for us is the chance to listen to client feedback that affirms the value of partnering with us. For example, here’s what one healthcare CFO shared with KLAS about their experience with R1:  

“The biggest impact on hitting our financial metrics is cash coming in. R1 has had a positive impact on that. In my mind, what we bring in is not as important as what we leave after we pay our expenses. R1 has helped us by bringing in more money and reducing our expenses in the cost of the revenue cycle. Being able to do that consistently has a pretty significant impact on the organization and our bottom line.” -CFO, from anonymous August 2023 KLAS interview* 

Why does a Best in KLAS for Ambulatory RCM Services designation matter? 

KLAS Research is highly esteemed for its impartial and precise research on healthcare IT suppliers; KLAS explores authentic user experiences as its research foundation. The 2024 Best in KLAS Software & Services Report compiled responses from thousands of healthcare providers across the U.S., highlighting the highest-performing solutions according to the value customers perceive receiving from the evaluated companies.  

KLAS Report findings are instrumental for healthcare providers seeking to make better-informed decisions when selecting vendors and partners.    

Best in KLAS for Ambulatory RCM Services

R1’s four-year reign at the top is not a coincidence.  

“R1 is evolving in a challenging and changing healthcare business environment. They are bringing a resource to bear, and that is what we have to have.  CEO/President, from anonymous October 2023 KLAS interview 

Today’s physician practices face a more challenging healthcare environment than ever before.  To keep pace, practices need to work with an RCM partner that can handle increasing complexities in an ever-changing regulatory and payer environment.  

R1 is committed to consistently delivering superior RCM results to our client partners year after year, even in a healthcare climate fraught with uncertainties that many other revenue cycle providers are ill-equipped to address.  Our Physician RCM solutions leverage decades-deep RCM expertise, proprietary technologies and a comprehensive approach to RCM that delivers optimal financial and operational outcomes combined with exceptional physician and patient experiences.  

“We’re humbled and honored to once again be recognized for the unparalleled quality of our ambulatory RCM services,” Adam Cartabiano, Senior Vice President of client success for R1 Physician RCM services, shared.  “We are proud to partner with physician groups, of all sizes and care settings, to provide the absolute best revenue cycle services and responsive support so our client partners can sustainably achieve their goals.”   

Our team is an extension of your team. 

“A core strength of R1 is teamwork. They have been with our group long enough that they understand us. We are not a huge group, but we are a very busy group, and we work in a niche market. The firm understands that and is fluid with us. That is true for all the people that I deal with at R1. We know what to expect from each other, and that is what we get. The firm does what we hired them to do, and they do it very well. They have had a positive impact on our practice. -Physician, from anonymous August 2023 KLAS interview 

When you work with R1, we’re on your team from day one. Our RCM experts focus on your physician group’s best interests, forging relationships with your team and creating a performance-boosting synergy that yields exceptional results.     

Our innovative platform and scalable partnership models drive superior outcomes. 

“R1 is innovative in the technology side of coding, and that is valuable. The firm’s technology produces more consistent and rapid coding and should enable the firm to hold the line on pricing. I’m very appreciative of the firm’s accounting services, which are very interactive and honestly good to deal with.”  -CEO/President, from anonymous October 2023 KLAS interview 

R1’s platform leads in innovation, strategically merging data to form a beneficial feedback loop that enhances every aspect of the revenue cycle creating consistency and efficiencies that few physician practices are equipped to generate on their own.   

Employing a patient-focused strategy at each stage of the revenue cycle, R1 provides physician groups with increased clarity on crucial revenue cycle performance data, revealing revenue opportunities and preventing revenue leakage that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

We help practices solve their most urgent revenue cycle challenges, including escalating costs and persistent staffing shortages. Our proven, scalable RCM partnership models complement a physician group’s infrastructure to drive sustainable revenue improvements while alleviating administrative burdens.   

Experience the R1 Difference. 

R1 offers a full range of revenue cycle  and practice management solutions for physician groups in acute and non-acute and specialty care environments. We work with all types of organizations, delivering performance at scale through our delivery network of RCM offshore resources with onshore centers of excellence. This means, as a client partner, you have access to the largest, most experienced team of physician practice RCM experts.  

Your success is our top priority, which is why R1 offers partnership models that are aligned with measurable outcome improvements. We’re fully committed to helping your physician practice achieve optimal revenue cycle results. 

Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you solve your toughest revenue cycle problems via our award-winning client partnerships.  


* KLAS research interviews are conducted anonymously, and hence, we cannot reveal the names of the persons nor their organizations’ names quoted in this blog post; however, we can confirm that this statement was made by an R1 client, and the statement is provided in its entirety.  

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