The HFMA Short List: The Power Behind the Peer-Reviewed Status

January 25, 2024

Dear Health Leaders,

In the world of revenue cycle management outsourcing, it matters who you partner with. think about it. you wouldn’t hire a home contractor or visit a new auto mechanic without good reviews or positive word of mouth. So why would any healthcare executive outsource any part of their revenue cycle without client and industry expert feedback? enter the HFMA Peer Review Program.

This Program is a way for HFMA members to identify what healthcare business solutions their peers are using in order to drive stronger financial performance and improve the patient experience. The Peer Review process starts with an application, followed by an 11-step, high-level screening process that evaluates accuracy, effectiveness, ease of use, customer service, experience, reputation and more among the company’s current customers and prospects.

You can’t buy an HFMA Peer Reviewed designation. you must earn it, and only those earning top marks make the Short List. In the case of R1 they have made the Short List for five consecutive years.

It is my hope the HFMA Peer Review designation gives you greater peace of mind as you are looking for high-quality solutions.

Congratulations to R1 and all HFMA Peer-Reviewed organizations.


Abby Birch
Regional Vice President, Business Development, R1, an R1 company

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