Video: Adventist Health and R1 are Reimagining the Patient Experience

May 3, 2022

“This is not an either/or. This is an and,” says Jennifer Stemmler, Chief Digital Officer for Adventist Health. “How do we create a great consumer experience and improve our yield and cost to collect?”

That’s the question on the minds of many healthcare leaders today, especially through the turbulence of the last few years. Adventist Health, a California-based health system that serves more than 80 communities along the West Coast and in Hawaii, has partnered with R1 to achieve both by accelerating their digital transformation with the R1 Entri™ intelligent patient experience solution. This article highlights key points Adventist leaders share in the video.

Watch the new video featuring Adventist Health:

Reimagining the Patient Experience

“We don’t have corporate shareholders. Our shareholders are the communities that we serve,” says Todd Hofheins, Chief Operating Officer for Adventist Health. “What better way to invest in the marketplace than to have technologies and processes that make it easier for people to access the care.”

Adventist Health provides their communities with flexible, mobile tools that bookend the patient journey from intake through patient payments. Before, patients might spend a lot of time in the waiting room filling out paperwork prior to their appointment. With Entri Intake, patients can complete it all at home, at their convenience.

As Michelle Fuentes, President for Adventist Health Sonora, explains, “75% of my complaints today are about billing. Our goal [using R1 Entri®] is to modernize that process to remove the fear, frustration and complication from understanding that bill – and allow patients to focus on their healing, their recovery.”

The Entri solution supports Adventist Health’s goal to double the number of lives they serve by 2030, and digital tools are critical to meeting the needs of patients and the providers who care for them. Watch the video to see how Adventist Health is transforming key revenue cycle touchpoints and creating a seamless experience that will mirror what consumers experience in other industries.

Author Bio: Content written on behalf of R1 RCM

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