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Beyond bots.

What happens when automation, deep expertise and scale are combined? Serious improvements to revenue management.

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Human tasks automated annually

The brains of our operation.

Our domain expertise runs deep. We are pioneers in using advanced production principles to eliminate overburden, inconsistency and waste in the revenue cycle.

R1's Bots

The (other) brains.

When adding our automation to our expertise and performance improvement the results are exponential. Our bots are always at work driving new levels of defect-free efficiency while ensuring our teams are free to focus on the right issues.

Capabilities that eat
complexity for lunch.

People, platform and industry leading automation.

R1's Team


Our team manages the digital workforce to optimize workflows, manage bots, handle exceptions and ensure revenue cycle efficiency and responsiveness.


Our centralized quality management system ensures visibility and performance at scale.

Cross-Product Visibility
Automatic Account Audit Samples
Secure, Searchable Reports
Scaled Repository of Data
Trended Metrics & Benchmarks
Self-Service Analysis Tools


Our proprietary technologies support expert workflows across front, middle and back-end operations.



R1 Entri™

Intelligent patient access solution that unifies scheduling, registration, intake and payment into one welcoming experience to deliver great first impressions, smooth care journeys, high patient retention and improved revenue.

R1 VisitPay

Digital payment solution that gives patients transparency, choice and control while creating a simplified billing experience that drives both higher payment rates and improved patient satisfaction scores.

R1 Access

Financial clearance solution that leverages a rules engine to capture information and identify issues early with demographics, eligibility, outstanding balances and authorizations and drive exception-based workflows for efficient resolution.

R1 Contact

Omni-channel contact center workflow application that leverages multiple scoring models for grading propensity to pay and prioritizing accounts to increase collection and deliver superior patient experiences.



R1 Physician Advisor

Clinical workflow platform supporting case lifecycle and denial management including level of care determinations, peer-to-peer reviews and appeals support enabling reduction in clinical denials, improved billing compliance and case turnaround.

R1 Chart Manager

Workflow tool driving efficiencies in the documentation and coding processes to reduce unbilled AR days and costs, improve productivity and enable ongoing process improvement.

R1 Insight

Revenue capture workflow tool with contract modeling and charge optimization rules as well as price estimation, modeling and simulation functionality to project financial impact from price / payer rate changes enabling better financial performance.



R1 Decision

AR follow-up workflow and analysis platform with advanced rules engine driving disciplined and accountable denials and AR management with fewer manual touches to increase reimbursement velocity and reduce costs.

R1 Gateway

Customizable provider practice portal that enables revenue cycle visibility and informed practice decision making including insight into scheduling, HR/payroll, chart quality and productivity metrics to optimize organizational performance.

R1 Analytics

Analytics and performance management system that increases revenue cycle visibility and the ability to make informed organizational decisions to drive scalable and consistent performance improvement.

R1 Robot

Intelligent Automation

We are the leader in implementing scalable RPA and ML in healthcare.

120+ Dedicated Staff
>500 Digital Workers
100s of Workflows Automated
>60M Tasks Automated Annually
75+ Healthcare Systems
Supporting $40B of NPR

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