Intelligent automation that unlocks human potential.

Our intelligent automation (IA) ecosystem modernizes processes, removes friction and simplifies revenue cycle management (RCM). It gives your team more time to innovate and focus on delivering a better patient experience.

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Remove friction for greater performance.

Our ecosystem prioritizes your organization’s P&L while empowering your people. It handles repetitive, error-prone steps for more predictable reimbursements and higher net revenue capture. It liberates your team from monotonous tasks, while increasing financial performance.

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Simplify for greater opportunity.

The first step in automation is knowing what tasks should be automated and which should be driven by people. Navigating the subtleties of automation requires a mix of people with deep RCM operational expertise, a built for purpose automation ecosystem, and world-class engineers.

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A trusted partner to manage processes. An efficient engine to drive them.

Put our deep RCM expertise to work for you.

We have developed and evolved thousands of automation rules based on years of experience from our work with 95% of US payers and every major EHR. We’re a trusted partner, supporting $53 billion+ of net patient revenue.

This is digital and humans working as one.

We integrate interactions and handoffs between digital and human workers - making our digital workforce a seamless extension of your current team. Our dedicated team of automation experts understand how to efficiently deploy automation across complex RCM processes, freeing your team to drive revenue and improve the patient experience.

Welcome to a frictionless future.

With over 125 million tasks already automated annually, our solution will propel your processes far ahead of where they are today. It’s a simplified, frictionless, future-focused way to manage the healthcare revenue cycle.

A fully developed ecosystem of technology to improve margins.

Our approach combines powerful technology components to expand the processes that can be automated – improving both operational outcomes and efficiency.

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Machine Learning

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is the automation engine of the platform, allowing work to be done and transactions processed at the user interface level of almost any system.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Automagically converts unstructured data into structured data for consumption and processing by the rest of the Intelligent Automation Ecosystem.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Expert Rules

The brain needed to deliver automation at scale – enabling automated decision making and intelligently triggering the correct automation at the correct time across workflows.


Sophisticated analytics

Enables the central management of digital workers at scale and in real time, by providing deep visibly into automation performance.

Intelligent automation at scale.




dedicated staff supporting and
delivering automations




digital workers providing the
capacity of 2,600+ FTEs




of workflows automated across
the end-to-end revenue cycle

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