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Three Areas of Revenue Leakage at Your Hospital

As the US healthcare industry evolves, growing consumerism and operational complexity across the healthcare industry are placing enormous strain on hospitals and health systems, to invest heavily in infrastructure and processes to ensure financial performance. However, most still find themselves with a gap between the revenue they are entitled and the reimbursement they eventually receive.

Read our latest ebook to proactively address this issue by considering the common areas of revenue leakage taking place in many hospitals and health systems around the country.


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In this eBook, you will gain insight into:

  • Common Areas of Revenue Leakage

    Many hospitals realize they're missing revenue, but have difficulties identifying the root cause of their leakage. Learn about the three most common causes of revenue leakage that hospital leaders should incorporate into their revenue optimization strategies.

  • Best Practices to Optimize Revenue

    To identify and prevent sources of revenue leakage, it’s essential for hospital leadership to establish processes to audit their financial operations. Learn best practices to address common areas of revenue leakage and take the first steps to establish a comprehensive revenue integrity strategy.

  • Next Steps to Establish Your Revenue Integrity Strategy

    A comprehensive revenue integrity strategy should not only capture additional revenue in the short-term, but also ensure improvements are maintained long-term. Access resources to learn more about leading strategies and technology to facilitate revenue integrity.