Make access
easy for patients.

R1 Entri™ Book ensures the right patient sees the right provider at the right location with all the right resources – every time.

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Enable fast, accurate patient self-scheduling.

Give patients convenient step-by-step guidance so they can schedule even complex diagnostic procedures on their own to build loyalty and improve satisfaction.

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Digitize clearance to accelerate scheduling.

Employ electronic orders and highly automated prior authorization processing to eliminate care delays and enhance patient and provider experiences.

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Integrate orders, financial clearance and scheduling to create a seamless patient journey.

Working in partnership with R1, you can give your patients a smooth, transparent experience from the time their provider orders care to obtaining insurance authorization to scheduling their visit. At every step, R1 Entri™ Book prevents network leakage, improves staff efficiency, accelerates care delivery and improves the patient experience.

Integrated Order Management

Achieve “schedule-ready” status faster by making it easy for employed and community-based providers to enter complete, compliant electronic orders.

Financial Clearance

Gather key information up front and trigger automatic processes for insurance validation, including eligibility, health plan and network checks.

Automated Prior Authorizations

When required, apply intelligent automation and highly skilled services that efficiently and reliably obtain authorizations – typically within minutes.

Capacity Optimization

Balance capacity across all resources and locations with intelligent automation to prevent long waits at some locations and costly idle resources at others.

Patient Self-Scheduling

Let patients schedule their own appointments, even for complex diagnostic imaging procedures, using intuitive digital tools that enhance patient satisfaction.

Centralized Scheduling

Leverage expert rules and search algorithms to find the best appointment across multiple locations, while addressing critical requirements and patient preferences.

Provider Self-Scheduling

Give providers robust tools to schedule on behalf of patients before they leave the office to improve care coordination and reduce phone calls.

Provider Communication

Automatically close the loop with referring providers so they always know the status of care they have ordered for their patients.

R1 has the expertise, technology and services to streamline every step in the patient journey.

  • Convenient digital patient engagement technology
  • Globally scalable, compassionate managed services
  • Unmatched revenue cycle, human-centered design and consumer service expertise
  • Proven processes hard-wired with workflow technology
  • Advanced analytics and intelligent automation

Customer Story

Entri Book accelerates consumer self-service and financial performance

Learn how R1 partnered with Baptist Health Care and RWJBarnabas Health to automate processes and remove friction for patients and referring providers.

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The results will amaze you.

Streamline workflows, while reducing costs and improving the patient experience.



Up to

cost reduction in
key patient access areas



Up to

improvement in order-to-
appointment conversions



Up to

auths secured within
3 business days

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