Critical Care Coding: 2022 Documentation Update

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On-demand webinar: keys to reducing errors and denials

Accurate and thorough critical care documentation and coding are essential for receiving complete and prompt reimbursement for provider services. Yet, according to a 2020 CERT report, critical care submissions had a 20.1% error rate, and of those, 27.7% were denied for insufficient documentation. The time-consuming process of manually addressing errors or not collecting earned revenues due is far too costly to ignore.

Join our esteemed panel of experts to discuss 2022 Critical Care coding documentation updates and real-life clinical scenarios that help you understand how to apply essential coding concepts. Plus, learn what you can do to address critical care-related challenges in your practice.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • What constitutes critical care
  • How to properly document critical care
  • Common documentation and coding mistakes that can lead to denials


Yvonne Russell, Director, Quality Assurance, R1 Physician Advisory Services

Dan Pope, General Manager & SVP, R1 Hospital-Based Physician Solutions


Aaron Cessna, D.O., VP, Quality and Account Management, R1 Physician Advisory Services

Stephanie James, Manager, Coding Quality Assurance, R1 Physician Solutions

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