DNFB Spotlight: Asking the Right Questions to Achieve Right-sized Results

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Financial leaders know that managing revenue cycle metrics and operations is critical to the financial health of healthcare organizations. The list of improvements may seem endless. Putting the spotlight on one metric and its impact to the bottom line is a good focal point to drive near and long-term success. This month, R1 experts will focus on Days Not Final Billed (DNFB) and questions you can ask your revenue cycle team to identify areas of immediate attention and Cerner optimization opportunities. Learn the importance of asking these questions, the responses you may hear, buzz words for identifying challenges and tips for making improvements.

Wayne Hass, Director of Operations, R1

This webinar is part of the CFO Insights Series by R1. In the coming months, R1 experts will offer education sessions for healthcare organizations utilizing Cerner systems to provide recommendations for immediate actions to improve key revenue cycle and other metrics. Join one, join them all.

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