Harnessing the Potential of Technology and AI to Tackle Denials Issues

May 4, 2024

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Utilize tech and AI to optimize revenue and stop leaving dollars behind 

Denials cost the healthcare industry billions of dollars every year. With high costs and shrinking margins affecting health systems everywhere, denials are a challenge that cannot be ignored. That’s where technology and AI come in.  

In this webinar presented by Becker’s Hospital Review, R1’s VP of Denials Sarah Mendiola and Director of Denials Rules Ann-Sophie Stillson are joined by a panel of industry experts from Banner Health, Nashville General Hospital and more to talk about the mounting denials challenges and the crucial role technology and AI plays in overcoming them. That means more revenue collected and less strain on your staff due to decreased denials and delays.  

Watch this webinar to learn:  

  • How AI and technology can address the root causes of denials 
  • Ways to combat payer delays and optimize revenue  
  • Innovative approaches that provide a seamless patient experience while also minimizing denials