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Collect every dollar you’ve earned.

As healthcare costs increase and margins shrink, healthcare organizations need effective billing and follow-up processes to ensure they receive every dollar earned from both patients and payers. This is no easy task, however, due to pressures such as rising labor costs and heavy workloads – not to mention the myriad of changes that happen with every acquisition and consolidation.

R1’s Business Office Solutions can help hospitals and physician groups improve their entire billing function, ensuring they receive and recoup revenue that may otherwise be lost. We focus skilled resources and proprietary technology interfaces in areas with significant revenue potential, using data-driven performance management to ensure continuous effectiveness and identify areas for process improvement.

Optimized RCM Webinar
Webinar Series

Three Steps to Optimize RCM Results for Physician Practices

Hear from industry experts about strategies to optimize the revenue cycle and improve financial performance.

Solutions that drive ease, efficiency and profitability

Optimize your business office in an increasingly complex environment

Billing and Accounts Receivable Management

Full claims management and specialized A/R work to help ensure accurate reimbursement from all payers.

Solutions can include credits, cash posting, and coding as well.

Care Coverage

Highly skilled financial counselors to assist uninsured or underinsured patients identify potential coverage for programs such as Medicaid, Worker’s Compensation, COBRA and auto liability.

Pre-Collections and Customer Service

Compassionate call center staff to guide patients’ understanding of their financial responsibility, payment options and resolve billing issues via phone, online chat or email.

Ensure continuous improvement across your revenue cycle

Maximize revenue and ease staff burden with R1’s Business Office Solutions:


funding secured for uninsured patients each year


increase in insurance payments collected


conversion rate of self-pay referrals to Medicaid funding

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