Revint Acquires Payment Partners

April 25, 2019

Acquisition strengthens Revint’s Underpayment solutions and capabilities

April 25, 2019 – Revint, the market leader in revenue integrity solutions for healthcare providers, today announced that it acquired Payment Partners, a provider of worker’s compensation claim reimbursement services, as part of Revint’s continued focus on extending its suite of Revenue Integrity services and solutions.

“Through this acquisition, Revint strengthens its suite of solutions that expand our capabilities for our current clients and the market at large,” said Roger Davis, CEO of Revint. “By incorporating Payment Partner’s expertise into the Revint suite, we’re able to effectively enhance our worker’s compensation collection capabilities for provider organizations, which translates to greater revenue for our clients.”

Revint’s new extended worker’s compensation solution, a combination of subject matter experts and technology, will help healthcare providers identify and address improper underpayment practices, discover and recover past underpayments, and improve collection practices in order to maximize worker’s compensation revenue.

About Revint

Revint is an industry leader in healthcare revenue integrity solutions and advisory services for healthcare providers. With more than 1,700 healthcare organization clients in the United States, Revint helps them recover more than $475 million a year in underpaid or unidentified revenue. Solutions include Transfer DRG, DRG Validation, Charge Capture, Underpayment Recovery, Medicare Reimbursement, Professional and Advisory Services. For more information, please visit

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