Revint and Triage become Cloudmed™, the industry’s most comprehensive and intelligent revenue integrity platform

October 20, 2020

Cloudmed introduces the industry’s first data-driven platform elevated by industry experts that delivers Revenue Intelligence™

ATLANTA, GA – Revint, a leader in data-driven revenue integrity solutions for healthcare providers, announced today it has completed its merger with Triage Consulting Group, the nation’s leading hospital revenue review company. Together, the two companies are now rebranded Cloudmed. The merger creates a unique, first-of-its-kind, single source enterprise platform that delivers Revenue Intelligence™ for a smarter, more predictive way for hospitals and health systems to realize all potential revenue from the care they provide. Lee Rivas, former Chief Executive Officer of Revint, will lead the company as Cloudmed’s CEO. Brian Neece and Sean Alavi from Triage Consulting Group will join the company’s leadership team and Board of Directors.

Traditional revenue integrity is often overlooked and existing solutions and methodology are generally point solutions that utilize a consulting model with limited technology. With Cloudmed, deep healthcare knowledge combined with rules engines and machine learning algorithms work together, serving as a ‘safety net’ for hospital systems to receive the revenue they have earned. Cloudmed’s data-driven platform enables a smart, responsive revenue process that rapidly adjusts to changes in the reimbursement and regulatory landscape. Cloudmed’s expertise, technology, and service-oriented approach ensures health systems receive accurate reimbursement for the care they provide with minimum resource investment.

“With the completion of Revint’s merger with Triage, we are excited to introduce the Cloudmed brand and our platform for Revenue Intelligence,” commented Lee Rivas, Chief Executive Officer of Cloudmed. “Our mission is to provide unmatched value to our healthcare partners. Advanced technology, such as Cloudmed’s machine learning algorithms, data-driven insights, and human expertise are essential when dealing with the computing needs and vast amounts of clinical and financial data across healthcare systems.”

Cloudmed’s platform encompasses three product suites that work together to enable providers to recover revenue they are owed for the care they provided in a smarter, more predictable way. Cloudmed’s Revenue Assurance Suite ensures episodes of care are coded, charged, and discharged for optimized reimbursement, the Payer Accountability Suite makes sure claims are processed correctly and recovery is optimized for expected reimbursement, and the Medicare Reimbursement Suite validates the healthcare organization was appropriately reimbursed for the population it serves.

The merger was facilitated by New Mountain Capital LLC (“New Mountain”), a growth-oriented investment firm that currently manages over $25 billion in assets.

About Cloudmed
Cloudmed is a first-of-its-kind, single-source enterprise platform provider of Revenue Intelligence™ solutions for hospitals. Cloudmed’s approach of combining human expertise with advanced technology utilizing machine learning algorithms provides a smarter, more predictive way for clients to realize all potential revenue. Today, Cloudmed partners with over 3,100 healthcare providers in the United States and recovers over $1.2 billion of underpaid or unidentified revenue for its clients annually. Cloudmed (Triage solution) is the 2020 Revenue Integrity and Underpayment Services KLAS® Category Leader and its solution suites have HFMA Peer Review status and are HITRUST certified. Cloudmed will establish its headquarters in Atlanta at the beginning of 2021. For more information, visit

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