The HFMA Short List: The Power Behind the Peer-Reviewed Status

Abby BirchJanuary 25, 2024

Dear Health Leaders,


In the world of revenue cycle ...

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The Benefits of RCM Global Delivery:  Five Myths Busted

Kyle ShererJanuary 3, 2024

While the healthcare industry continues to climb its way out of a pandemic, it’s also facing unprecedented challenges, including rising operating costs, labor shortages and shrinking margins. What if there was a  global delivery model that could help the industry during this challenging time? 

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Hospital Price Transparency: CMS Pushes for Standardization

R1 Regulatory Affairs & Regulatory Compliance TeamJanuary 3, 2024

In an era of increasingly expensive care, price transparency initiatives have become a significant aspect of the U.S. healthcare system. From the Transparency in Coverage (“TIC”) requirements for health insurers1  to the Good Faith Estimate requirements of the No Surprises Act (“NSA”) for scheduled services,2  ...

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Why Intelligent Data is the Future of Patient Payment Solutions in 2024

R1 RCMDecember 13, 2023

One thing is clear as the transition into 2024 beginswhat worked for patient paymentsin the past will no longer suffice in the ...

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Four Patient Payment Problems and Solutions to Lower Collection Costs

R1 RCMNovember 15, 2023

Patients have long turned to their healthcare providers for empathy and guidance through some of life’s toughest situations. However, when it comes to paying for the care they’ve received, many patients don’t experience the same guidance.

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Discharge Planning in Hospitals – Two Important Clarifications

Dr. Ronald HirschNovember 9, 2023

In 2019 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) adopted significant changes to the hospital discharge planning conditions of participation. As most know, the conditions of participation are rules by which a medical provider must abide to be able to provide care to Medicare and Medicaid patients and any other federally funded ...

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Important: Livanta Confirms Stance on One Day Inpatient Admissions

Dr. Ronald HirschAugust 28, 2023

As I reported last week for RACmonitor, Livanta released a newsletter about short inpatient stays at the end of July. Their case examples were, to put it mildly, surprising. And as I discussed, I provided them some feedback – and they were kind enough to respond to me. I expected them to backtrack on some points, based on my experiences ...

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A Perfect Storm: Agencies Collaborate on Medical Debt, Price Transparency, Charity Care

Kathryn Beard, JDAugust 17, 2023

Almost 40% of Americans recently reported they were deferring medical care due to the cost of treatment.1 This is particularly true for Americans with low incomes, who have reported cancelling treatment for even the most serious conditions due to an inability to pay for necessary services.


Financial ...

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Transform the Patient Payment Experience with These Two Key Offerings

R1 RCMAugust 11, 2023

A successful patient engagement strategy requires effective implementation of patient account resolution tools and services that address the entire patient obligation pool. While digital tools have advanced self-service patient payment resolution, there will continue to be a need for modernized call center services with compassionate human ...

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Texas Judge Vacates No Surprises IDR Fee Increase, Batching Rule

Kathryn Beard, JDAugust 9, 2023

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and is current as of August 8, 2023. Not intended to be used as or constitute legal or medical advice.  


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