Five Keys to Revenue Cycle Optimization E-Book

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As financial pressures mount, physician group leaders are finding new ways to improve bottom-line performance while maintaining exceptional patient care. It starts by optimizing the revenue cycle.

Today’s turbulent healthcare climate calls for more efficient, patient-centered operations and a focus on improved outcomes and cost reduction. Healthcare leaders must take a proactive approach and commit to continuous improvement.

This eBook introduces you to the five keys to revenue cycle optimization in today’s challenging healthcare environment.

Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll learn:

  • Top metrics that physician practices need to monitor.
  • Why RCM systems that used to be effective are quickly becoming obsolete.
  • Essential steps required to prevent revenue leakage.
  • Why you need a comprehensive clinical denials strategy, and what that looks like.
  • The outrageously high price of using outdated revenue cycle technology.
  • Reasons to integrate intelligent automation into your RCM processes.
  • How to address the complexity of healthcare reimbursement rules and changing payer requirements in a landscape of constantly evolving regulations.
  • The many ways the patient experience is affected by your RCM processes.
  • Reasons healthcare leaders are moving away from the do-it-yourself RCM approach and forging partnerships with RCM providers in record numbers.


Bottom line

Costs are skyrocketing, margins are shrinking, and finding qualified clinical and support staff is more difficult than ever. Innovative technologies are revolutionizing the revenue cycle. Practices must adapt and modernize their RCM processes and systems for this new healthcare climate, or they will face significant financial risks.

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