Increase 340B program savings

There’s zero risk with R1’s 100% contingency fee-based model

Streamline existing pharmacy operations

Maximize 340B program value with R1’s compliance-first 340B Recovery solution.

When you request your personal demo, our 340B experts will show you how the R1 340B Recovery platform will help you achieve maximum 340B program value through referral capture.

  • Compliance-first technology
  • Industry-leading 340B referral capture
  • Developed by industry experts
  • 100% HRSA audit pass-rate record
  • Risk-free contingency fee-based model

Connect with a 340B Expert

The portal is one of the best portals I have worked with. It is user-friendly and makes my job so much easier when working 340B claims. The staff is always so great to work with and always does their best to make everything work to suit the client.”

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Kayla Mustard

Pharmacy Operations Analyst

Increase 340B capture rate in fewer than 90 days

Unlike manual review and solutions lacking centralized data across all pharmacies, our technology is comprehensive, easy-to-deploy and compliance-focused and our 340B team is there for you at every step of the process.

Developed by experts with over 45 years of combined 340B and pharmacy experience, our compliance approach is verified by our clients’ HRSA audits: 100% of audited R1 claims have resulted in zero findings

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