Technology to transform the revenue cycle.

We remove friction and simplify healthcare so you can improve the patient experience and realize a better bottom line.

Technology Platform

The complete technology suite.

Our technology tools are purpose built to deliver results across the whole revenue cycle – from order to intake, care to claim and claim to payment.

Our solutions cover the revenue cycle from order to intakes; care to claim; and claim to payment. Purpose built for flexibility and scale.

Transformative experiences

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Patient Experience

Ensure strong patient/provider relationships


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Intelligent Automation

Unlock human potential and improve margins


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Operator Experience

Modernize the experience, make healthcare simpler


Data-fueled insights

Interoperable, intelligent and predictive — industry-leading data and analytics underpin our entire technology platform and deliver self-service business intelligence.

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Technology and the patient experience

Simplifying healthcare begins with the patient experience. R1 Entri turns scheduling, registration, clearance, intake and payment into one smooth journey across all settings of care for high levels of patient retention.

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Automation drives efficiency

The first step in automation is knowing what tasks should be automated and which should be people-driven. We navigate these subtleties with a deep understanding of the entire revenue cycle - seamlessly integrating automated processes with existing operations.

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Transform the operator experience

Operators are the behind the scenes champions of the revenue cycle. We develop tools that enable them to deliver more value and remove repetitive tasks - turning revenue collectors into revenue drivers. Our tools fill the gaps in the revenue cycle, remove friction and make healthcare simpler.

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Powered by data integration and industry-leading insights


Through interoperability with every major EMR and Revenue Cycle systems, we quickly ingest data to support a broad set of RCM workflows and analytics.


We apply machine learning to detect patterns in large data sets for trends that reveal areas requiring performance improvement, improve decision making and exception-based processes, and uncover strategic opportunities to apply automation.


By combining valuable data sets and machine-learning insights with a variety of statistical techniques, we can make well informed predictions and forecasts to enable proactive operations.

Self-service business intelligence

We provide exeutives, operational leaders and analysts with self-service business intelligence to identify underlying trends and gaps, course correct as needed and drive ongoing performance improvement.

Results that transform your bottom line.







Which lead to service level improvement, greater capacity and a better experience.

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