Coding Management

Drive improvements that accelerate cash flow today and in the future.

The changing regulatory environment significantly impacts medical coding management. Up to 50% of revenue cycle management (RCM) spend is now in the middle of the revenue cycle, and coding is an increasingly complex discipline that requires ongoing attention – not to mention specialized understanding of regulatory changes, patient care and clinical documentation.

In an ultra-competitive labor market, highly skilled coding staff are difficult to find. Temporary or subpar coders can impact quality – which then impacts the integrity of the revenue cycle and ultimately financial outcomes.

R1’s Coding Management Solutions offer a differentiated approach with demonstrated results. Our combination of services, education, quality measurement and continuous improvement provides an effective partnership to support your strategic RCM goals.

Solutions that drive ease, efficiency and profitability

A differentiated approach to ensure you collect everything you’re owed.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Transparency and insights into performance through daily DNFB and weekly individual scorecards, driving performance and process improvement.

Human Capital Management

Comprehensive screening and onboarding of candidates, thorough training and continuing education, data-driven performance management and quality assurance to ensure ongoing consistency in results.

Accountability Framework

Governance structure leveraging defect-oriented analytics, standard tolerance thresholds and account ownership, ensuring quick containment of issues and on-track DNFB.

Quality Management

Four-stage quality and compliance program with pre-bill auditing, certified auditor review, corporate compliance review in high-risk areas and external audits to minimize risk.

Accelerate cash flow

Achieve accurate and timely coding with R1’s Coding Management Solutions:


reduction in DNFB


more coding capability


more quality assurance coverage

What R1 clients are saying

“In addition to finding and uncovering net revenue for our organization, R1 works closely with our clinical and corporate teams to educate and correct billing and coding practices on the front end to mitigate downstream issues."

Kim Shrewsbury

Kim Shrewsbury

Chief Financial Officer (former)
Ascension, Gulf Coast Ministry
Pensacola, FL

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